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Month of August Topics…

Since the month of August will most certainly be full of news around the NFL now that the lockout have been lifted and new CBA is in place leading to the NFL 2011 season, I figured what a better way than to focus the topics for this month on the football world. I will mainly focus on the transactions of free agency, rookie impact, coaching changes, and how CBA delay might impact this NFL season.

If you have a topic in mind which you would like me to explore further, post your comments and I will be sure to talk about them.

P.S. This could turn out to be fun after all, I am liking it so far…

P.S.S. Sorry Saif, I will write something up in the month of September about the housing market but you don’t have to wait, you are the best loan officer out there. If anyone needs his information, ping me.




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Hello world!

This is my first blog and I am not even sure what I am going to talk about here but I am planning on submitting something at least once a week. I’ll probably just start with some of the things going on around the news, since most of it does not tell the whole story. If you have any ideas, comment and Ill make it a point to talk about those as well.


Back to work…Cheers

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